With the Personal Information Privacy Law (PIPL), China sets up a new framework for data privacy. Starting November 1st, any Organization with facilities or employees in China must comply with the new legislation. In this context, your whistleblowing program might be affected. You can check out our previous article to learn more about the impact of the PIPL on your whistleblowing program. Taking the step to quickly comply with the PIPL becomes a priority.

Whispli ensures that your whistleblowing program complies with the new Chinese legislation while giving you the power to enable trusted conversations with your employees, no matter where they are in the world. Here is how we do it: 


Data hosting in Mainland China

To provide a whistleblowing solution to employees based in China while complying with China’s legal and regulatory requirements, Whispli can host your Chinese employees' data in the Beijing region with AWS China.

  • AWS China regions are located in mainland China.
  • An AWS China region is physically and logically separate from other AWS regions.
  • Fully certified to Chinese cloud standards
  • AWS China regions have obtained the necessary certifications to operate cloud services in China.

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Manage interoperability with HQ/Parent Company

A challenge that arises with the PIPL data localization requirements is how to manage interoperability with the parent company. In the end, hosting your Chinese employee's data on a Chinese server translates into a separation between your Chinese subsidiary/office and your Head Office.
At Whispli, we can set you up with a separate Whispli account hosted in China, managed by local Case Managers - while your HQ keeps common Dashboards and Analytics to monitor activities.


Modify your Reporting Form in a few clicks to gather consent

When processing sensitive personal data, you can quickly modify your Whispli Reporting Form to add a mandatory checkbox to gather standalone consent before an employee can submit a Report from China.


DPIA Template to assist your team

To facilitate your DPIA exercise, we have already gathered for you all the relevant information linked to the Whispli platform to make your assessment a breeze. If you are a Whispli Customer, get in touch with our Support Team to gain access to our DPIA documentation.



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