Whistleblowing actions have been increasingly under the microscope of media outlets around the world.  With cases involving some of the largest and most high profile organisations, their business dealings and/or their handling of whistleblowers. 

Many organisations are daunted by the task of engaging with a whistleblower and the subsequent investigation that has to occur. 


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Issues your business may face

  • Theft or misappropriation of assets
  • Accounts payable fraud
  • Unauthorised release or theft of corporation information
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Receipt of unauthorised gifts
  • Allegations of bullying or harassment.

Most organisations do not have the resources or talent to handle these types of issues.

In most instances organisations will turn to a forensic services firm to assist them. 

Whispli complements forensic services offering

Forensic services firms generally have built a reputation for assisting clients with compliance and due diligence, and assistance with these types of allegations is a natural extension of the professional services that they already provide.

⤷ Whispli adds value to the services they provide to clients to support corporate governance, mitigate risk and promote operational excellence.

They provide to their clients high quality services while using Whispli as a secure reporting channel and case management platform. 

Client's most important asset, its people, can speak up with the information they have, but it also gives case managers a way to engage with those coming forward with information, source data locally and include it into their investigation, and report precisely back to their client with all of the relevant information.

Whispli works with Managed Service Partners and helps forensic services firms provide the best services to their clients. 


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